Why Do Escorts Revoke Their Contracts

Although the escorts are not meant to leave their clients halfway through the booked session, they know very well for themselves when it is time to leave. Many of the clients try to exploit their freedom over the escorts, which can make a session threatening for her. They have full right to revoke their contract and leave immediately, and their agent will handle things from there on. It is just because of threatening situations that escorts refuse to continue. Sometimes it is the awkward situations which have no scope to recover whatsoever. Being a client, here are the things that you should avoid to keep your date normal and exciting.

Being late

Know that you are paying them for their time. It is a business which demands them to have a proper schedule as they might have other clients to attend. If you are late, she might call off the date as she does not want to disappoint her other clients because of your mistakes. If at all you are late, inform her early and pay for her extra time wit the same rates you decided.


Avoid bargaining with an escort. It is not a favor you are asking her for. Go according to her rates and pay her before hand. Bargaining and asking for discounts might make things awkward, and she will have to call it off. If at all you seek a discount, do it at the time of booking, and they will tell you if you can get any benefits.


If you have called an escort for your own pleasures, meet her alone. Do not have an additional company in the room when she arrives. If you have friends over, ask her beforehand if she will be comfortable to have dinner with them before they leave. Any strange company can question her safety, and she might not like it.


Do not play smart and hide cameras in the room. An escort is very careful of her identity and surroundings. She will inspect the entire room without making a fuss about it. If at all you have cameras hidden, you can invite more trouble than just cancelling a date. Again, if want to do such things, let her know beforehand.

Personal questions

Avoid discussing her life. It is your special night, and you should be the centre of attention. Let your escort lead your conversation. Do not make her uncomfortable by asking her about her boyfriend, or why she came into this business. She might not enjoy the rest of the night when you have her family members in your mind.

Too drunk

Do not be too drunk to handle yourself on a special night. She can enjoy drinking with you, but if you are in no condition of standing on your own, she cannot help it. Also, if you are too drunk, she might just rob you, and you will not have a clue till the next morning.


If you have any STDs, it is a straight no. You can hide your unseen diseases and use a condom to not affect her, but if your privates have any visible infections, it is bad news for both of you.